Meet Lili Van de Mouche™ 😊 
It's a small book for very small children that I wrote (in French) and illustrated as a present for my cousin who is pregnant with her first baby girl ❤️
Lili is a little girl who was born with big blue hair but who, instead of caring about all the comments people have to make about it, decides that she will be as different from other people as possible. 
I want to create a series out of it. 🙃
In the first book "Lili Van de Mouche et Pirate le chat" (Lili Van de Mouche and Pirate the cat) we meet her for the first time, learn how she decided to wear the clothes she wants to wear, as weird as they may be, and we watch her choose to adopt a rescue cat with one eye. 🐱
The first book will soon be available in French and later in English. 🙂

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